I always get super pumped and focused when Im finishing something just before the deadline But when the deadline gets pushed back I literally go fuck that time to procrastinate some more And then I lose that pump and that focus I had Damn it Why do I work this way It can be really stressful sometimes

John S

8:48 PM (22 minutes ago)

to me

Sorry for laughing earlier today. Its just I thought you were like 21 or 22, so it was a bit shocking to find out you are 19. and WOW, my calculator is old!

But how do I respond to this Do I look that old Haha just kidding I dont mind Its not that much older and its good people think Im older right because that means I look more mature Idk anyway Uhh this is all so awkward sorry That last part though Im dying of laughter 

You spelled my name wrong in an email when my email has my name spelled correctly in it Coooome on

I guess my names Tonya now But a lot of people misspell it that way except Latinos They spell it Tania And god I hate that spelling It looks and sounds gross

My blog sucks now Like what do I post Maybe Im getting to old and boring for this

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